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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Anderson Exam III w\answers

1) PCR is used for DNA fingerprinting
2) Ames Test involves the use of an altered microbe for screening of suspected carcinogens
3) Indirect Selection of Mutants involves sterile violet
4) Direct Selection of Mutants example: Incubation of E.Coli in a broth with streptomycin
5) Litmus Test involves the use of primers and cylces of heat

6) A gene synthesized from an RNA template is:
[a] Complimentary DNA
[b] Probe DNA
[c] Reverse transcriptinase
[d] Recombinant DNA

7) Which of the following is true concerning recombinant DNA technology?
[a] It will replace biotechnology in the future
[b] It is a single technique for genetic manipulation
[c] It is useful in manipulating genotypes but not phenotypes
[d] It involves modification of an organism's genome

8) The cell wall is often found in which Eukaryotes?
[a] Fungi
[b] Algae
[c] Protozoa
[d] a and b

9) All algae have some type of
[a] spore
[b] chlorophyll
[c] locomotor organelle
[d] cyst stage

10) All protozoa have
[a] locomotor organelle
[b] a cyst stage
[c] pellicle
[d] feeding structure

11) Helminth parasites reproduce with
[a] spores
[b] eggs and sperm
[c] mitosis
[d] cysts

12) Elephantitis is cause by
[a] blood flukes
[b] liver flukes
[c] filarial roundworms
[d] tapeworms
[e] flatworms


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