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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Anderson Exam IV

1) What type of infection is acquired in a hospital?
[a] subclinical
[b] focal
[c] nosocomial
[d] zoonosis

2) Which of the following is NOT a port of entry?
[a] meninges
[b] placenta
[c] skin
[d] small intestine

3) The time that lapses between encounter with a pathogen and the first symptoms is the
[a] prodromium
[b] period of invasion
[c] period of convalescence
[d] period of incubation

4) A living microbe with reduced virulence that is used for vaccination is considered
[a] a toxoid
[b] attenuated
[c] denatured
[d] an adjuvant

5) A subunit vaccine contains
[a] parts of bacterial cells
[b] parts of viruses
[c] antiserum
[d] both A and B

6) Viruses that exist in cells and cause recurrent disease are considered
[a] oncogenic
[b] cytopathis
[c] latent
[d] resistant

7) A propahge is an early stage in the development of a\an
[a] bacterial virus
[b] poxvirus
[c] lytic virus
[d] enveloped virus

8) The general steps in the viral multiplication cycle are
[a] adsorption, penetration,replication, maturation and release
[b] endocytosis, uncoating, replication, assembly and lysis
[c] adsorption, uncoating, replication, assembly and budding
[d] endocytosis, penetration, replication, maturation and exocytosis

9) A virus is a tiny infectious
[a] cell
[b] living thing
[c] particle
[d] nucleic acid

10) The protozoan trophozoite is the
[a] active feeding stage
[b] inactive dormant stage
[c] infective stage
[d] spore-forming stage

11) Explain why a virus can enter some types of human cells but not others:
Viral specifity is due to the specific affinity of viral surface proteins or glycoproteins for the glycoproteins or the complimentary proteins on the surface of the host cell. HIV, for example, is specific to Helper T cells.
All types of organisms are susceptible to a viral attack, though HIV only attacks humans.


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